Lighting design consultancy

Designing light

Lighting bestows identity upon space, concreteness upon impressions, physicality upon emotions. Lighting means adding personality to a setting and making it your own.

Lighting expresses a functional need while also stirring emotions in the observer.

Lighting in a setting is the result of research in which the purpose of light design is to respond to the needs of inhabitants.

E’Luce works with architects, installers, interior designers, individuals and lighting design professions, leveraging over 35 years of experience in the sector to conceive and install custom lighting projects.

Thanks to its desire to satisfy every customer’s needs and bring to life unique and distinctive settings, E’Luce identifies a precise mood and implements it as an integral part of total living projects, with colours and light solutions.


Analysis and suggestions

Each product originates from an in-depth study of the building’s architecture and meticulous analysis of the place and its characteristics.Each setting has its own identity, story and shape: these are the perimeters of our design.



Wedevelop the conceptbased on the preliminary analysis and by listening to the customer. In this way we identify the underlying idea and describe it with images in the emotional mood book. Thanks to photographic examples and reference settings, we narrate the sensationsour design aspires to create in spaces.


Lighting design project

Lighting design translates the initial idea into technical data and specific products, suitable for the context. Indoor for lighting in homes, offices, professional studios, hotels and restaurants, in line with all settings. Outdoor light design in accordance with legislation, while also adding a more magical and emotional component.


Technical information

The lighting project is integrated with technical specifications and necessary informationfor the next steps: order placement, delivery and installation. It is then submitted to the customer for their approval.


Lighting design calculations

All necessary lighting design calculations are completed in this step, as they are fundamental for evaluating the quantity of light required in various setting and for verifying compliance with statutory requirements, based on the type and intended use of spaces.


Price offering

Once all the technical steps regarding lighting design are completed, the sales manager prepares the price offering, with a detailed, complete and transparent price quotation broken down into different items.


Technical sheets

Attention to the customer also includes filling out and providing technical product sheets. These contain information on all lamps and lights included in the light design project. Each product to be installed is explained and illustrated in detail.


Supply and installation

E’Luce alsomanages orders: from product deliveryto the relative packing list for work sites and the accurate positioning of lights during installation, as well as final checksonce installation is completed.



An attentive and prompt customer care servicemeans that customers receive precise answers and immediate solutions. E’Luce is always ready to provide all necessary support.

Integration of lighting and domotics: new and surprising functions for managing home lighting and leveraging its potential

Enlightened innovation

Domotics and Li-Fi perspectives

The future of lighting ties in with the concept of interconnection, flexibility and individual needs.
E’Luce embraces this digital evolution.
Never before has it been possible to modulate and “host” light in lamps that are veritable multi-function objects, connected to the net, with customisable and programmable parameters.
The future lies in the Li-Fi (or Light Fidelity) revolution, a way of transmitting data that uses luminous impulses and provides a high speed internet connection that is safe and stable, without undermining the quality of light.

Luminous effects

Eyes are made for seeing with light

Artificial light plays with materials, creating balanced visual compositions, highlighting elements and increasing their depth in the visual field.
It provides solutions that can be customised, modulated according to specific requirements, giving the right feeling and guaranteeing simplicity of use, even with the most advanced technologies.
Creating luminous effects is about dosing and calibrating the tones and intensity of lighting bodies, to achieve different scenographic effects.

Light management

Luminous control

Light management is achieved by smart control and adjustment.
New light technologies guarantee that the right amount of light is available at the right time. They also takes into account the stimulating effect of the daylight cycle on humans, optimising its use. Such innovation enables light control using an app, control panels and programmable buttons, making light management convenient and simple.
Moreover, thanks to daylight and movement sensors, lighting system efficiency is boosted, without undermining comfort. The result is an individual light oriented towards personal requirements.

Affianchiamo architetti, arredatori e contract con consulenza di alto livello per progetti destinati al residenziale, al commerciale, all’hospitality, agli uffici ed altro ancora.

La nostra professionalità è al tuo servizio per la progettazione, nella scelta dei corpi illuminanti, nello studio dei “giochi di luce” offrendoti ispirazioni e idee sempre nuove.

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