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All the advantages of E’Luce

Each customer is unique, just like the light they are in search of. With E’Luce you are in safe hands. The company provide technical support so that you can make informed choices and benefit from numerous advantages.


Personal lighting

Discover the innovative Personal Lighting service: a team of dedicated professionals will guide you so that you can choose the right light
This complementary service means you can benefit from our specialised know-how, for individuals, interior designers, architects and contract professionals.


Support for project designers

We provide technical support for professionals of the sector, both in terms of technical details and the evaluation of construction details. Project design leads from power demand assessment, to the positioning and selection of dimmer functions, right up to the sizing of light fixtures. .

We have also prepared a fully customised area in which you can browse all catalogues by our companies and directly contact a reference person with a simple click. Find out more: access the reserved Area!



The 3 floor showroom is an excellent starting point for providing E’Luce customers with the best service possible. View and select decorative products featured in fit-outs, for inspiration. Samples are also available of technical products and elements specifically designed for outdoor use.


Programming for light scenarios

Assessing a setting for total living purposes also involves choosing the best domotics system.
E’Luce has extensive experience in combining light scenarios with all technical specifications, guiding the customer in their selection of a systemwhich best meets their needs.


The optimisation of consumptions

Energy saving is more than just a lifestyle; it denotes a specific desire, starting from the selection of top-of-the-range productsthat are certified and reliable.
The quality and positioning of light points are calibrated to achieve the exact quantity of light that is required, without exceeding consumption levels.


Work site assistance

This step involves precise and fundamental verification processes:

  • verification of wiring
  • verification of the exactness of light points
  • meticulous checking of each lamp after installation
  • evaluation of technical details
  • final test of scenography.

Product delivery

E’Luce uses its own vehicles to deliver products.
For each work site, the project designer receives a floor mapcontaining details of settings, the position and code of products.
In line with the “packing list”, each package comes with a label containing details on installation settings and relative code.


Installation and repair

As part of its more classic offering, upon request E’Luce also provides installation services. Should any installed products present any manufacturing faults or damage, even over time, the customer service will provide support in the resolution of such issues.

We work with architects, interior designers and high calibre contract firms on residential, commercial, hospitality and other kinds of projects.

Our professionalism is at your service, for project design, the selection of lighting bodies and the creation of plays of light, providing you with inspiration and ideas that are always new.

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Contact us for more information

Call us or fill out the form and we will reply as soon as possible!

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